No, the appointment times allow us to keep a balance between our availability and productivity.

Yes, we do.

This depends on the work. Please contact us for more information about your project.

We prefer Interac money transfers and cash, but we also accept Visa and Mastercard.

We ensure assistance on the service rendered.

Only our custom guns.

No, but we can provide the ammunition needed for a repair.


For the sake of productivity, no. We are concentrating on servicing Browning and Winchester guns, under or off warranty.

Yes, we offer restorations, customizing and upgrades on all types of shotguns and rifles.

It depends on the type of gun and our availability, but it takes at least a few months. Please contact us for more information about your project.

No, except for guns under a Browning warranty, those of law enforcement agencies and wildlife officers.

Yes, we have in hand the color paints used by Browning.

We keep piloted reamers for most hunting and target shooting calibers at minimal SAAMI specifications.

Muzzle Brakes

No, we don’t work on the barrel bore or crowning. We machine the threads concentric to the bore axis and the muzzle brake itself has a larger bore than the rifle caliber.

Yes, the muzzle brake device works from deflecting the gas following the bullet from the front to the side holes walls. We advise you to wear appropriate ear protection during the shooting.


Yes, we use Canada Post. Here is the link to the procedure. Don’t forget to select the signature and proof of age options. Please complete the work order form and include it in your shipment.

Yes, to ship it, you can use Borderview services to organize the transportation and papers for you. If you’re planning to visit us, you can then declare your gun at the border and register it momentarily in Canada.